profile sander

150 Profile Sander


The key to successful profile sanding is a combination of machine versatility, use of the correct abrasive medium, and a little patience and understanding. The results are a remarkable increase in consistency, quality, and productivity. LARICK's line of profile sanders offers a variety of models to fit the diverse needs of our customers. In addition, we will help you understand the requirements, capabilities, and limitations of successful profile sanding systems. You provide the patience! The purchase of a Larick Profile Sander can result in substantial savings in labor; increased productivity, consistency, and quality; and the beginning of a mutually rewarding relationship between us.

This basic machine fills the need for a lower cost profile sander to sand raised panels, door edges and workpieces that do not require a tilting arbor. It features an inverter controlled 3 phase motor, variable speed, and vertical adjustment. An optional adjustable, one piece fence is available for sanding straight parts.