profile sanding wheels

Profile Sanding Wheels


Larick’s profiled sanding wheels are one of the most aggressive available. They are formed to match a profile and do not distort or ‘round them over’. There is a small amount of ‘cushioning’ built in to compensate for slight misalignment or movement of the profile due to inconsistencies in shaping or feeding. Normally, about 0003” to 0.005” is removed during sanding, which just removes a pencil mark. Abrasive cost is low, and averages about a penny per part sanded for kitchen cabinet doors. What enables this system to work is the ability of the abrasive to stretch. This stretch allows the sandpaper to conform to a profile as it is stretched onto a profiled wheel. 

Raised panel wheels are normally made to use with a rub collar with the edge of the panel touching this collar. A consistent depth of cut from the outside edge is required when using a rub collar. Profiles similar to ‘L’ and ‘P’ work well. If the panel profile has a step or bead at the tip of the cutter, Larick will not be able to sand the entire profile, but can normally sand from the step or bead to the outside edge.